Star Wars Celebration Blues


The time leading up to each Star Wars Celebration is an incredible adrenaline buzz, for me and I’m sure for hundreds of other people who are involved in the show – getting ready for the stages, finishing their fan exhibit, or completing their costume for the masquerade. There is so much to do that it’s the main focus of life – of my life certainly.

During the show the constant deadlines and backstage runs and event juggling are a joy, and the smiles on the faces of the fans and show participants are like a heady, incredible drug. The whatever daisy festival has no high like that, I’m sure.

After the show, however, I sometimes get pretty down. When we’re loading out on Monday I have a hard time not being sad because another Celebration is over.

But not this year.

This Celebration, we announced Celebration Europe for July 2013 at the Closing Ceremony. Knowing that I would leave Orlando and basically get to work on the next Celebration took care of my typical Celebration blues. I’m still sad VI is over, but don’t have to wait to be elbow-deep in the next one with everyone else.

A Few of my Favorite Things:

Just a few, mind you. I’ve got dozens and dozens of favorite things from Celebration VI, but here are a few of them.


The Clone Wars Season Five Premiere and Red Carpet Event. Friday night, Celebration VI. Sam Witwer, the voice of Darth Maul, poses with lightsaber and live Maul on the carpet. Photo by Joel Aron.

Wookiees from the Rebel Legion pose in the Falcon. Nice tropical touch, fuzzballs! Photo submitted by Wookiee Chris Blackstock.


Sent by Mike McMaster, lead on the incredible R2-D2 Builders’ room and events.


Este, Fen, Joe, Paula, Beth, Pablo, Eliz, and Caleb, the crew and Elite Squad Extraordinaire from the Behind-The-Scenes stage. The Elite Squad are the glue that helps hold Celebrations together and the grease that keep it running smoothly. I love these guys – ALL the Elite Squad crews, but this is the one I’ve got the picture of.


Caption: Hosts David Collins, Pablo Hidalgo, and James Arnold Taylor helped me out while we announced Celebration Europe at the Closing Ceremony on Sunday. The photo was taken of the big screen, so we are a bit “angled.”