Star Wars Actors Hit Dallas Comic Con Fan Days with Official Pix

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What originally started out as strictly a Star Wars event, Fan Days has become something of a pop culture show held each October at the Irving Convention Center in Irving, Texas. This is one of three different shows we put on in the Lone Star state each year. Our media guests range from Star Wars to Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica to The Walking Dead, Back to the Future to Lord of the Rings and everything in between from both film and television.

This past October 4-6, we had a great lineup of Star Wars talent for attendees to meet. As usual, I had each guest into the Official Pix autograph office during the show to sign for us on a variety of items in varying numbers. Personally, this is my favorite time with our guests. It’s quiet, the A/C is cranked down, there’s an ice-cold water station and comfortable chairs making it one of the more pleasant locations.

Ron Perlman

This was the first time we had Ron to Dallas and many may be wondering what he has to do with Star Wars. Ron lent his voice to the character Gha Nachkt, a Trandoshan from Season One of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Exclusively for this event, we created a brand new image of his character for collectors to purchase and have signed at the show or pre-order if they couldn’t attend. He kept busy the entire weekend between signing autographs, doing photo ops and speaking at his panel.

Ron Perlman signing Gha Nachkt photos at Dallas Comic Con

Gha Nachkt from Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Katee Sackhoff

This was Katee’s third appearance at one of our Dallas shows. She was excited to sign the exclusive photos of Bo-Katan Kryze that we created just for this weekend and was surprised to learn of the last name, as she had never seen it previously while doing her voice work on Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Probably most recognized for Battlestar Galactica, Katee had a wide array of different items from various franchises to autograph for us.

Katee Sackhoff signs Bo-Katan photos at Dallas Comic Con

Bo-Katan photos signed by Katee Sackhoff

Daniel Logan

As always, Daniel was full of energy and happy to be a part of the lineup. We’ve had him at countless shows and his limitless passion for the fans is a breath of fresh air. Whether he’s signing images from Attack of the Clones or Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Daniel is a fan favorite who knows how to get the crowds going and keep everyone entertained. Why do I get the feeling that we haven’t seen the last of Daniel when it comes to the Star Wars universe?

Daniel Logan signs Boba Fett photos at Dallas Comic Con

Anthony Daniels

Anthony was in great form as he greeted fans each morning outside where they were lining up to get into building. His one-man show was hilarious as always and his art-like signature graced many an item during the three days of the convention. He’s been in all six live-action films, The Clone Wars, The Star Wars Holiday Special, and countless other Star Wars shows and commercials — can a collector ever truly have enough Anthony Daniels signatures in their collection? There must be a million things you could have him sign!

Anthony Daniels at Dallas Comic Con

Tom Kane

Tom arrived with his family and a huge smile on his face. It’s evident that he appreciates his fans and enjoys meeting people. I had quite a few pictures of Yoda for him to sign which he did ever so carefully as two of his children watched with excitement and interest. Tom signed for attendees free of charge that weekend which is always a popular thing.

Tom Kane, voice of Yoda on Star Wars: The Clone Wars, signs at Dallas Comic Con

Tom Kane-signed Yoda pictures

Jamie Bamber

Like Katee Sackhoff, Jamie is likely best known for his role in Battlestar Galactica, but his Star Wars ties come in the form of doing voices for the popular Star Wars: The Old Republic video game. As he signed the SWTOR photo in the image below, I asked if he knew what characters were voiced which garnered a bit of a laugh as he didn’t have a clue! Still, a nice guy and happy to be in Texas to meet his fans.

Jamie Bamber signs at Dallas Comic Con

Our shows grow in both size and quality with each passing year. With the announcement of the move to a much larger Dallas Convention Center for our May 2014 Dallas Comic Con event, you can bet there will be some amazing guests in addition to the upcoming Sci-Fi Expo in February and of course, Fan Days 2014 which will both remain at the Irving Convention Center for the time being.

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