Social Scanner – July 9, 2015

The first official Star Wars app is launched, and selfies ensue!

As a member of the (very small) social media team here at Lucasfilm, I have the honor of reading, responding to, laughing at, loving, and sharing all of your Star Wars conversations everyday. Our fans are creative, passionate, funny, and very active across the Internet. Every Friday I like to share my favorite social media posts from the week in the Social Scanner, so show me what you’ve got!

After a little bit of a break, we’re back with a special Thursday edition of Social Scanner! San Diego Comic-Con kicks off today, so next week’s Scanner will recap your adventures at the convention, including (but not limited to) crowd navigation and line-standing. But without further ado…

I hope everyone here had a safe and happy Fourth of July!

Wednesday was a fun day! The team celebrated the launch of the first-ever official Star Wars app. This has been in the works for some time now, and the response was huge. I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite #StarWarsApp selfies:

Dudes with beards love the Leia selfie.

My #1 selfie is so wrong…but so, so right.

Keep them coming, and follow #StarWarsApp to see other fans’ creations.

Andi Gutierrez is the Star Wars social media correspondent and host of Rebels Recon. You can follow her on Twitter

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