Social Scanner – July 17, 2015

Star Wars takes over San Diego Comic-Con with music, fireworks, and fans!

As a member of the (very small) social media team here at Lucasfilm, I have the honor of reading, responding to, laughing at, loving, and sharing all of your Star Wars conversations everyday. Our fans are creative, passionate, funny, and very active across the Internet. Every Friday I like to share my favorite social media posts from the week in the Social Scanner, so show me what you’ve got!

For those of us (myself included) that were unable to make it to Comic-Con this year, social media played a major role in not feeling like we were marooned on the outskirts of the Dagobah system. Here’s some of the con’s best.

A cool factoid for you: the trooper that led the procession from Hall H to the concert was none other than the 501st Legion’s Kevin Doyle, who walked to (and from) San Diego Comic-Con in memory of his wife. He’s currently on his way back up the coast. You can learn more about his journey here and follow him on Twitter.

Carrie Fisher is a galactic treasure. IΒ love you. Never change.

In case you haven’t seen it (lately), or if you just want to feel as awesome as Tim, below, now’s a good time to re-watch the epic The Force Awakens behind-the-scenes reel.

Just for good measure,Β a few bits of awesomeness from the next generation ofΒ Star Wars fans.

Andi Gutierrez is the Star Wars social media correspondent and host of Rebels Recon. You can follow her on Twitter.Β 

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