Social Scanner: Fans Show Off Star Wars: The Force Awakens Tickets and More!

Plans are made for December 18 and more from fans on social media!

As a member of the (very small) social media team here at Lucasfilm, I have the honor of reading, responding to, laughing at, loving, and sharing all of your Star Wars conversations every day. Our fans are creative, passionate, funny, and very active across the Internet; every Friday, I’ll share my favorite social media posts from the week in the Social Scanner, so show me what you’ve got!

The anticipation, have you felt it? The closer we get to The Force Awakens, the more fans are taking to social media to let off some steam. I like to think of it as a weird online support group, where instead of helping to relieve the need for December to arrive faster, we all just amplify each others’ excitement. That’s supportive, right? This is what I’m talking about:

I’ve never seen so many Instagram pictures of movie tickets in my life!

Season Two of Star Wars Rebels is also going strong, but things really took off this week with Wings of the Master. If you’ve been sitting Rebels out, you’re really missing out. Good thing there’s a Season Two marathon on Disney XD this Sunday! Commence your binge-watch at 9:30 a.m.

If you liked this post’s featured image, head to our “Wings of the Master” Episode Guide. They’re always full of beautiful art like this lighting concept by Chris Voy. Until next week, stay on target!

Andi Gutierrez is the Star Wars social media correspondent and host of Rebels Recon. You can follow her on Twitter

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