Social Scanner – August 28, 2015

Fans are turning to the dark side a lot earlier, before they can learn how to hold a lightsaber.

As a member of the (very small) social media team here at Lucasfilm, I have the honor of reading, responding to, laughing at, loving, and sharing all of your Star Wars conversations every day. Our fans are creative, passionate, funny, and very active across the Internet; every Friday, I’ll share my favorite social media posts from the week in the Social Scanner, so show me what you’ve got!

Fans that build costumes are my heroes. I love them. I can’t even sew a straight line, so their creations blow my mind. This fan is attempting someone that the team has been hoping for, and I can’t wait to see the finished product.

Thank the Force for looping auto-play!

Add a bantha to this list and I’m so there, Delilah!

Well, this is adorable… forgoing the whole “Vader killed younglings” thing.

“Truly wonderful, the mind of a child is.”

Andi Gutierrez is the Star Wars social media correspondent and host of Rebels Recon. You can follow her on Twitter