Ranking Rebels: 10 Highlights From “The Siege Of Lothal”

The rebellion grows, and so does Vader's wrath.

What do you do when you have more thoughts about Star Wars Rebels than you know what to do with? Make a list of your favorite moments — in no particular order, because that might fry your circuits. Welcome to Ranking Rebels.

Star Wars Rebels Season Two starts with “The Siege Of Lothal.” Our rebels may have struck a blow, but the Empire is definitely striking back — and so is one Darth Vader. Here are my 10 favorite moments from the episode!


1. A well-oiled machine.

From the moment the episode begins, we see things have changed for the Ghost crew. No longer on their own, our heroes have become a part of the rebel fleet and their rhythm with each other has grown to include the new Phoenix Squadron. Hera’s the natural lead in the air and everyone’s working together to get the job done. Also amusing: Ezra’s learning to swear from Zeb.


2. Maybe not so well-oiled?

Kanan’s not adjusting well to this new “part of a group” thing and it’s making him a little…sassy. He’s not chafing at authority or even the idea of being part of a group, but he’s seeing events that remind him of the past and he’s not a fan of reliving that again. Kanan spent a lot of time trying to get away from both war and the Empire, so he’s not real eager to get caught up in some kind of cause.

3. Once you’re in, there’s no getting out alive.

Poor Minister Tua. She’s our reminder that, while people may be a part of the Empire, most of them are just trying to do their jobs and live life under new management. When Tua realizes that this is far more than she bargained for, she begs the Ghost crew for a way out and ends up dead.


4. Kanan’s gone buckethead.

Kanan playing drunk is already fun, but when he does it and ends up wearing full armor, you have to appreciate his skills. We’re used to our young Jedi and scoundrels in stormtrooper armor, so Kanan and Ezra undercover reminds us of a certain young pilot and Padawan.


5. Vader plans for every contingency.

You want to believe that our rebels really did outthink Vader and the Empire. You want to believe this whole plan worked. But you start to realize that it’s almost tooooo easy, and then the janky music teases Vader’s reveal as Ezra and Kanan sense something cold.


6. Vader!

Young Anakin Skywalker has become a powerful Force user, even if he did have to lose everything, including his identity, to do so. Darth Vader has risen and it’s almost painful to see Kanan and Ezra try to fight when it’s so clear that he cannot be stopped. Both Sabine and Kanan end up with battle scars and, while they escape, it’s as Vader intended.


7. Their compassion is their weakness.

When Vader burns Tarkintown just to send a message, it’s clear that our rebels and the rest of the fleet are up against something much more dangerous than they first realized. Taking the measure of the rest of the crew, Kanan realizes that his doubts about being part of the larger fleet are going to have to be put aside. Our crew is officially part of the rebellion now.


8. “Okay, kids. Make Mom and Dad proud.”

Thanks to his tracking device on the shuttle, Vader’s found the fleet and the fight is on. Talk about a space battle. Eight A-wings aren’t even making Vader breathe heavy (or, heavier than usual…) as he fights them while also attacking the fleet. That is, until Hera flies in and not only gets the fleet to safety, but manages to trap Vader in the Imperial tractor beam.


9. “The apprentice lives.”

In the middle of the battle, Ahsoka and Kanan reach out and learn about the Sith Lord currently battling the entire rebel fleet. We know who it is, of course, but watching Ahsoka make that horrifying connection is chilling. I believe Ahsoka really doesn’t know who the Sith Lord is when she talks to Ezra and Kanan later, but I think she senses something.


10. The apprentice of Anakin Skywalker lives.

Vader and the Emperor. We know how much damage they can do when they focus on a problem, and knowing they’re both at the peak of their power is both exciting and frightening. Our rebels have never met an enemy like them.

Those were my moments for this week’s episode. Tell me what your favorite moments were in the comments and may the Force be with you!

Geek Girl Diva is a longtime Star Wars fan and a diehard Rebels lover. She also thinks Poe Dameron’s hair has magical properties.