Ranking Rebels: 10 Highlights from “Iron Squadron”

Meet Mart, Gooti, and Jonner.

What do you do when you have more thoughts about Star Wars Rebels than you know what to do with? Make a list of your favorite moments — in no particular order, because that might fry your circuits. Welcome to Ranking Rebels.

During a mission, Phoenix Squadron meets three young rebels — “The Iron Squadron,” for which this episode is named — and both face down the Empire. Here are my 10 favorite moments!

1. Meet the Iron Squadron.

The Ghost crew meets the Iron Squadron and we’re already wondering what the heck is happening here.


2. A plucky band of rebels.

From the first invitation to come over to the ship, Mart Mattin and Iron Squadron are a mirror image of members of the Ghost crew. Mart Mattin is basically Ezra, Gooti Terez and Sabine have their similarities, Chopper and R3 are your droid match up. Does this make Jonner a Zeb?

The ship may be falling apart in a few places, but the crew stands strong on one key point: The Iron Squadron won’t run. “Not now, not ever.”


3. Thrawn gives Admiral Konstantine what he deserves.

Poor Admiral Konstantine. He used to be able to skate by when he did something incompetent. Now that Thrawn’s around? Not so much.


4. “Finally, a Star Destroyer” “No, that’s a light cruiser”

Our rebels have gotten the planet evacuated, and they’ve gotten Iron Squadron’s hyperdrive working, but getting everyone out of harm’s way seems to be a bit more of a problem when Konstantine arrives.

Ezra’s finally getting to deal with someone like him and, wouldn’t you know it, he’s immediately got Dad Voice. Watching Ezra get to deal with someone just like him is the best part of this entire episode.


5. Raise your hand if you saw Mart staying behind.

Mart’s trick with the exploding cargo is really cool, but he’s not up against the practice team anymore. How ominous did that cruiser look coming out of the smoke?

Of course, now Mart’s ship is disabled and Ezra wants to go and help, but Sabine reminds him they were under orders to live. I was genuinely shocked when Ezra followed an order, but I think he’s learned what happens when he doesn’t — and he’s learned there are other options. Yay for growth!


6. Trap? Trap.

Konstantine has an idea and attaches a mine to Mart’s ship because he knows the rebels will be back for him. It’s totally a trap. Our rebels, of course, know it’s a trap (because they’re good like that). They have something better — they have a plan. Extra points for Hera’s “You, big guy!” to Jonner.


7. Konstantine is very sneaky. Verrrrrryyy sneaky.

Konstantine knows Grand Admiral Thrawn sent him here to test him, and he’s ready to show his boss he can handle things. In an attempt to destroy both ships, Konstantine decides to wait to for them to get close. Sadly, he’s no chess player and isn’t thinking several steps ahead of his opponents, which allows for the Mine Relocation Program: a.k.a., Chopper and R3 get the mine off the ship and onto the cargo crates.


8. This plan is nuts — but awesome.

Can we just talk about the fact that Hera Syndulla not only locks onto another ship during a firefight, but she then maneuvers that ship to send an ejected cargo crate into Konstantine’s cruiser and blow it up? It’s a good thing Commander Sato showed up when he did!


9. “Now THAT is a Star Destroyer.”

Konstantine calls for reinforcements and Thrawn shows up — just in time to see him fail. When he finally gets his first look at a real Star Destroyer, Mart’s “Okay, then” says it all. This whole thing is made even more delicious by Konstantine trying to lie to Thrawn, as if he didn’t show up to see his ship get blown to smithereens. I wonder what sort of outpost he’ll end up on after this.


10. Commander Sato welcomes the Iron Squadron to the rebellion.

The reunion of Mart and Jun Sato legitimately got an “awwwwww” out of me and it’s nice to see our little rebel alliance grow. Star Wars has always been about family in one form or another, why should Rebels be any different?

Those were my moments for this week’s episode. Tell us what your favorite moments were in the comments and may the Force be with you!

Geek Girl Diva is a longtime Star Wars fan and a diehard Rebels lover. She also thinks Poe Dameron’s hair has magical properties.

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