Let’s Hear It for the Home Team


When my colleague Matt Martin asked if I would reach out to fans all over the world and ask them to submit pictures with their local landmarks as part of our May the 4th festivities, I knew the results would be good.

But I had no idea just how good!

My inbox, and then our May the 4th photo page, were packed with truly wonderful images of Star Wars fans everywhere from Argentina to Zurich. You can still see them all here. All of us who worked on this project, me and Matt, Este Meza on my team and the crew at StarWars.com, loved opening these emails and seeing fans from everywhere celebrating Star Wars.

I felt like the entire world of fans was partying in our backyard together.

Speaking of our backyard brings me to the subject of this blog: a sincere thank you to our “home team” of costumed fans and other Star Wars fans in California. We very frequently call on fans at different locations globally to take part in Star Wars shoots and events and promotions and you name it, but we depend on our crews in California the most. Some weeks I fear we’ll wear them out, all the way from San Francisco to San Diego, but their energy and enthusiasm stays strong! Many are even traveling to Celebration Europe in Essen this July, to celebrate with us there. Those of you who attend the show, I promise I won’t put you to work. Unless you are on my Elite Squad, of course.

Helmets off to you, California fans! My sincerest and deepest thanks for the years of working and playing in the Star Wars galaxy together. Here’s to many more to come.

Photos submitted by Michael Bender, C. Stephen Campbell, James Floyd, Carolyn Jayin, Ed Karl, Cris Knight, and Matthew & Dale Tolosa.

Troopers in San Diego search for the Imperial wave on Coronado Beach.

Buttercup Valley in Southern California, near the site where scenes of Jabba’s sail barge from Return of the Jedi were shot.

I find your lack of patience disturbing. Southern California Garrison members queue up at the world famous Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, the site of many of the famous Star Wars line photographs taken in 1977.

Nothing says San Francisco like a cable car ride near Fisherman’s Wharf. Members of the San Francisco Rebel Legion on board.

Chewie the Shih Tzu poses at the statue of Yoda at Lucasfilm’s San Francisco offices in the Presidio.

Members of the San Diego Fan Force group at the Star of India, the oldest sailing ship still in active service. San Diego Maritime Museum, San Diego, California.

At the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. When I work out at the gym in our Lucasfilm offices each morning, this is the view I see. Minus the Stormtrooper of course.

The Jawa is looking to steal a base. Any base. At Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles.
A Jedi at the Golden Gate Bridge.

I’m trying to imagine a sport fishing trip with this crew. Do they ever get seasick in their helmets?


At San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, a few of the many members of the Golden Gate Garrison.

Thank you, California fans, and all fans who celebrate Star Wars wherever you are.

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