Introducing… Casey Pugh

Editor’s Note: If you haven’t heard of Star Wars Uncut, you must have just recently discovered the internet (in which case welcome!) but as quick refresher to those of you with internet access and short memories, Star Wars Uncut is a film made up of hundreds of fan-created 15-second segments put together to create a shot-for-shot remake of the original Star Wars film. It’s one of those ideas so brilliant that we here at could only scratch our heads and think “wish we’d thought of that”! But we didn’t: our newest contributor, Casey Pugh, did. Read on to find out a bit more about him and how Uncut grew from a spark of an idea into an internet sensation!


Hi fellow Star Wars nerds! I’m Casey Pugh, the creator and director of the fan-film Star Wars Uncut. In 2009 I sliced the classic Star Wars: A New Hope into 15-second pieces and built a website where fans could sign up and recreate each of the 473 scenes from the original movie. We received over 1,000 submissions — from stop-motion animation to families casting their dogs as Chewbacca. The amount of creativity fans poured into this humble project is simply astounding.

I created Star Wars Uncut in my spare time, combining my love for building websites and interactive experiences with my love for Boba Fett. Many of my earliest Star Wars experiences were interactive, beginning with toys like the original Ewok Village set and Millennium Falcon. Growing up I played every LucasArts video game, from Super Star Wars to Star Wars Galaxies. In Galaxies I focused less on The Force and more on world-building, earning the esteemed title of “Master Interior Decorator.” My love for Star Wars has always driven me to seek out new ways of interacting with the characters and storylines, and the Internet uniquely provided a way to build something that would let me and other fans connect, collaborate, and re-enact our favorite scenes. And an opportunity to cast myself as Princess Leia.

For the Star Wars blog, I am honored to feature some of the talented contributors that participated in Star Wars Uncut and tell the story of their amazing recreations.

First up: since when did Han Solo have a blue face? Since animator Malcolm Sutherland.

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