Galaxy Wire: Star Wars News from Around the Web – May 15, 2015

The design director of Star Wars Battlefront gives an update, plus more from the far reaches of the Internet!

Galaxy Wire is a weekly roundup of the team’s favorite activity relating to Jedi, Sith, and the power of the Force on the Internet. From Star Wars: The Force Awakens tidbits to photos of dogs dressed like Ewoks, you’ll find it all here. Thankfully, no Bothans died to get us this information.

Star Wars Battlefront - AT-AT on Hoth

Star Wars Battlefront Design Director Pens Open Letter to Fans

Star Wars Battlefront made a huge splash at Celebration Anaheim. There was a new trailer (met with rapturous applause in a packed panel), the release date was announced (November 17), and an exclusive gameplay preview was held for more than 3,000 attendees. Plus, there was the reveal of a little something called “Battle of Jakku.” Fans are excited, to say the least; the game looks fantastic and it’s almost here. But they also have lots of questions. Niklas Fegraeus, design director of Star Wars Battlefront, posted a lengthy open letter this week called “Dear Galaxy.” In it, he offers insight into the team’s philosophy as they create the game, and promised that EA will publicly reveal gameplay at E3 on June 15. We can’t wait.

Star Wars: A New Dawn by John Jackson Miller

John Jackson Miller Talks Star Wars

Noted Star Wars author John Jackson Miller has penned some of the most memorable books of a galaxy far, far away — and kicked off the new canon with A New Dawn, a prequel to Star Wars Rebels. Earlier this week, he chatted with Den of Geek about “Orientation,” a new story he wrote for Star Wars Insider, matching the tone of Palpatine to the character’s dialogue in Lords of the Sith, and much more.

Volkswagen R2-D2 bus

Awesome R2-D2 Bus Is Awesome

How do you improve on a classic? You add Artoo. CNET featured an amazing DIY Instructables project where one fan gave his VW Bus an R2-D2-themed makeover, complete with all the design details of the blue-and-white astromech. The user, mimaki cg60, says that “all measurements and computer work took 50 hours,” and once the design was printed on vinyl wrapping, they lost track of time. Judging by the results, it was still time well spent, and it looks like the perfect automobile to use when solving Force-ghost mysteries.

Ben Burtt, sound designer of Star Wars

A Galaxy of Sounds, Courtesy Ben Burtt

Sound is a huge component of Star Wars, and that’s largely thanks to Ben Burtt. Burtt was the sound designer on all the Star Wars films — the bleeps, the bloops, the lightsaber wooshes, everything — and many Hollywood classics. As seen on, Raging Cinema made a mini-tribute to Burtt’s incredible work with a supercut of Star Wars sounds. It’s just a small sample of his massive contribution to film, but impressive (most impressive, rather) nonetheless.

What were you excited about in the Star Wars universe this week? Let us know in the comments below! All Star Wars, all the time.

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