From “Blast That X-wing!” to “Traitor!”: The Voices of Star Wars: The Force Awakens

In a special guest post, Star Wars: The Force Awakens' supervising sound editor reveals many of the voices behind stormtroopers, Resistance pilots, and more!

Star Wars films have always had a vast visual landscape. But they also have an equally vast aural soundscape, working in tandem with, and amplifying, what you see onscreen.

Part of Skywalker Sound’s and John Williams’ job is to complement the visuals of Star Wars and enhance the storytelling with a rich audio soundtrack. Just as our sound designers have to create sound effects for new weapons, vehicles, and ambiences, the dialogue department will turn to voice actors to populate these new worlds. And so it was with The Force Awakens.

You may have seen a section in the credits of The Force Awakens titled “Additional Voices,” with some familiar names listed. But who or what did all those familiar names play? I’m happy to finally reveal everyone below, running through the film chronologically. (There are also a couple of actor cameos in there that shall remain nameless (for now).)

Finally, I just want to thank all the voice actors who contributed to the film, including but not limited to those listed below. There are several scenes with layers and layers of voices that we can’t credit individually, but they make sequences come alive, and the film would not be the same without them.

With all that said, enjoy!

— Matthew Wood, Star Wars: The Force Awakens supervising sound editor

Attack on Jakku Village:

Stormtroopers: “Blast that X-wing!” “Over there, over there!” — Sam Witwer and David Collins

Alien Villager at gunpoint from two stormtroopers (Yells and Screams) — Dee Bradley Baker

Stormtrooper: “Keep moving!” “Stay here!” — Matthew Wood

Stormtrooper: “Nothing, Sir.” “Nothing here, go ahead!” — David Acord

Stormtrooper: “Check over there.” “Fan out!” “Copy that, 1138.” —  James Arnold Taylor and Sam Witwer

Red Eyed Sand Alien (watching BB-8 roll away): “Kojima.” — Robert Stambler

Star Destroyer:

PA Announcer (at Poe’s arrival): “Accelerator thrust compensator on Shuttle 338.” “Transponder code ship ID.” “Quantum field regulator/interpolator 385B.” — Sam Witwer

Jakku Desert:

Teedo (Alien dialect during capture/release of BB-8, speaks with Rey) — David Acord

Niima Outpost:

Alien Scavengers (reactions to Unkar Plutt’s “60 portions,” high pitched) — Matt Lanter and Karen Huie

Alien Scavengers (reactions to Unkar Plutt’s “60 portions,” low pitched) — Fred Tatasciore and Mark Dodson

Star Destroyer (TIE Escape):

Hangar Control Center Officer: “TIE launch in the hangar bay!!! (x2)” — David Collins

Hangar Control Center Officer: “Units 7,8,9, we have an unauthorized launch!” — Devon Libran

Hangar Control Center Officer: “Transponder Code Ship ID 177.” — Catherine Taber

Officer on Poe’s TIE Radio: “Unauthorized TIE launch!!” (x2) — Sam Witwer

Niima Outpost (Rey and Finn Meet):

Outpost Scavengers (No water to Finn): “No water!” “BLAH!” “Hashatta Combolia!” — Matthew Wood and David Acord

Hired Thugs (kidnapping BB-8 & alerting stormtroopers): “Mona Keeyana Droid Du Unkar Plutt.” “Asatoya!” — Matthew Wood and David Acord

Stormtrooper: “Call in the airstrike!” — Matthew Wood

Jakku Desert (During Falcon chase):

Scavenger runs to recently shot down TIE fighter: “Metat Teya Zed!” — Orly Schuchmacher

Han Solo’s Freighter:

Guavian Death Gang: Formation vocals and death screams — Matthew Wood and David Acord

Maz Kanata’s Castle Bar:

Laughing Fez Headed Gamers: Laughs — Mark Dodson

Resistance Loyal Droid (alerts Resistance of BB-8) — David Acord

Big Head (Quiggold) (offers work for transportation to Finn) — Matthew Wood

Red Helmet (Sidon Ithano) (converses with Big Head) — David Acord

Hosnian System Citizens:

Male Hosnian on Balcony: “What is it?!” — Tom Kane

Maz Kanata’s Castle Attacked / Forest:

Stormtrooper (radio prompts Rey to first see trooper): “FN-417, hold position.” — Matt Lanter

Stormtrooper (alerted to Rey’s position, fires from castle): “Blast ‘em!” — Matthew Wood

Stormtrooper (alerts Kylo Ren at castle): “Sir, the droid was spotted heading west, with a girl!” — David Collins

Stormtrooper (fights Finn with riot baton): “Traitor!” (fight efforts) — David Acord

Stormtrooper (apprehends Finn): “Don’t move! TK-338, we have targets in custody!” — Fred Tatasciore

Stormtrooper (reacts to incoming Resistance fighters): “We have incoming at 28.6! Move!” — Kevin Smith

Stormtroopers (getting in formation for Resistance attack): “Dispatch artillery!” “Go, go, move!” “Scramble all squads!” (x2), “Anti-air cover on lakefront position!” — Michael Donovan and Sam Witwer

Stormtrooper (running from rock wall incoming fighters): “Go, go, go!” — Sam Witwer

Stormtrooper (into comlink): “Request air support!” — Pip Anderson

Stormtrooper (interrupts Kylo Ren and Rey in forest): “Sir, Resistance fighters. We need more troops.” — Matthew Wood

Stormtrooper (gesturing a command at Kylo’s ship): “Heavy troopers.” “Pull back to tree line.” — Kat Sheridan

Resistance Soldier (disembarking Leia’s shuttle): “Let’s go.” — David Collins

Resistance Base:

Resistance Solider (BB-8 almost runs into soldier on airfield): “Hey!” — David Collins

PA Announcer Interior Base: “PZ-4CO, report to communications.” — Verona Blue

Starkiller Base Control Room:

Weapon Technician (responds to Hux): “Yes sir, weapon charging.” — Catherine Taber

Resistance Base Control Room:

Technician (interrupts Leia with Starkiller news): “Ma’am.” — Meredith Salenger

Starkiller Base:

Stormtrooper (to Kylo Ren in corridor): “Sir, sensors triggered in hangar 718, we are searching the area.” — Verona Blue

PA Announcer (Rey sneaking in corridor): “All sentry droids (x2), resynchronize to Galactic Standard Time, offset 473.” — Michael Donovan

Stormtrooper (as elevator opens, revealing Chewie): “Hey!” — Nigel Godrich

Stormtroopers (as Rey sneaks out toward ledge): “You checked out the new T-17s? The T-17s, as far as I can tell, are a great improvement. Yeah, that’s what they tell you, but believe me, they don’t hold up. They don’t? No…” — David Collins and Sam Witwer

PA Announcer (as Rey climbs down ledge and into machinery): “Technician Mandetat to 44.59 North, 104.7155 West.” “Baryonic Matter Conversion complete in Precent 12.” — Michael Donovan

Control Room Technicians (responding to Hux’s “Dispatch all squadrons!”) — Taylor, Tom Kane, and Verona Blue

Stormtroopers (running as group before Finn sneaks in): “We think they may be splitting up.” — Sam Witwer

Stormtroopers (running as group before Finn sneaks in): “Heading to quadrants four and five.” — Devon Libran

Resistance Fighters Attack Starkiller:

Ello Asty (in X-wing cockpit): “But no damage!” “Roger!” “I’m hit!” — Matthew Wood

Starkiller Base Oscillator:

Stormtroopers (searching under stairs, radio voiced): “Check over there!” “This way!” “Roger that.” — Matt Lanter and James Arnold Taylor

Stormtroopers (aiming at Han Solo in Oscillator): Very distorted commands — Devon Libran and Sam Witwer

Resistance Base Airfield:

Resistance Medical Team: “Let’s get him inside and stabilize him.” “Easy, easy, he’s hurt.” “We got a heartbeat!” — Kat Sheridan, Michael Donovan, and Patrick Correll

The Additional Voices Cast (crowd and background):

David Acord, Michael DonovanDevon LibranKevin SmithDee Bradley Baker, Terri DouglasElle NewlandsRobert StamblerVerona BlueTJ FallsMichelle RejwanCatherine TaberEugene ByrdDave Filoni, Meredith Salenger, Fred TatascioreDavid CollinsAmanda ForemanChristopher ScarabosioJames Arnold TaylorPatrick CorrellKaren HuieOrly Schuchmacher, Emily TowersJonathan DixonTom KaneKat Sheridan, Sam WitwerMark DodsonMatthew LanterChristian Simpson, Matthew Wood