Fifty Percent Monty Python, Fifty Percent Star Wars


Back in high school I worked, along with my good friend Nate, on a comic called “The Bandits.” The comic was pretty much 50 percent ripping off Monty Python, and the other 50 percent was Star Wars… The Bandits ended up meeting various characters, riding in vehicles, and visiting scenes from the Star Wars films.

Yoda trains them, and there’s some kind of quest for the legendary “happysaber,” which they use to unmask Vader (who is armed with a plunger). The panels from the Hoth scene show inspiration from Joe Johnston Empire Strikes Back storyboards. At some point the Bandits befriend an Ewok named Yub Yub, who ends up frozen in carbonite. In the final sequence, the Bandits head to the Death Star stand-in, the Death Orange. When it explodes, orange peels fly everywhere. All in all it’s a very meandering and uneven comic, but we definitely had fun making it, and it shows just how big Star Wars was for us.


Jeffrey Brown is the creator of Darth Vader and Son and has been drawing Star Wars since he was a kid…obviously.

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