Portrait of Matt Dracula

Matt Dracula

Longtime blogger. Lifelong Star Wars fan. Divides time between collecting old candy and finding a place to store said candy. Can’t tie his sneakers. Remembers that a giant man named “Des Webb” played the Wampa, and never stops bringing that up. Has read every Star Wars-related Incredible Cross-Sections book a hundred times, so if you ever need to know what kind of thieves or alien worms were burrowing through the walls of Jabba’s Palace, he’s your man.

  • First Star Wars Memory
    Seeing Return of the Jedi in theaters when I was four. Protip: Rancors are super frightening to four-year-olds.
  • Favorite Film
    Return of the Jedi
  • Favorite Character
    Kir Kanos
  • Favorite Scene
    Acrobatic Yoda battles Count Dooku
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