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  • A signed photo with the caption "To George Lucas, 'Our First Shot'".

    Introducing… Jonathan Rinzler

    Editor’s Note: Even though it has been 35 years since Star Wars was released in theaters, and almost 30 since Return of the Jedi, we remain fascinated with untold stories and unseen assets that take us inside the production of the movies. Few people are more devoted to unearthing and telling these stories than Lucasfilm’s […]

  • Leland Chee, Star Wars' continuity database manager, play with a Star Wars force trainer.

    Introducing… Leland Chee

    Editor’s Note: One of the biggest strengths of the Star Wars expanded universe – and something that sets it apart from similar franchises – is the fact that in its 30+ years of existence there’s never been a need for a reboot. Continuity has never become so out-of-whack that writers have been forced throw in […]

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