Bantha Tracks: Art Galaxy, Holiday Edition

Not long ago on my Twitter I was bemoaning the fact that I rarely receive art envelopes in snail mail anymore.

However, even though I don’t find the art in the mailbox that I used to, Bantha Tracks still gets beautiful and creative holiday cards each year. Thank you to all who send them. Your creativity is inspiring!

Here are a few of my favorites.

Darth Maul by Dave Filoni

As a fan of Star Wars and just as a person I am so fortunate to count Dave Filoni and his wife Anne as friends. This brilliant Darth Maul/evil reindeer card, an original piece by Dave, was sent in 2010.

Jason and Jimmy of Rebel Force Radio did a brilliant little adjustment adding a classic snow bunny Leia-like character to the top of an existing card that was clever already. They made it even better!

Yoda by Benjamin Carre

Our friends at Mint-In-Box in France created an entire series of three cards like this over three years with different characters, done by the very talented artist Benjamin Carre. This one, of Yoda contemplating his Empire Strikes Back collectible, is my favorite.

Yoda holiday card by Ralph McQuarrie

Speaking of Yoda, this could well be the one card I would keep from 2012 if I had to choose just one. Given to Lucasfilm employees, it not only featured Ralph McQuarrie’s beloved holiday Yoda art, it is signed by George Lucas and Kathleen Kennedy. A treasure!

Sideshow's holiday card featuring clones from Star Wars

I am a fan of the different kinds of clones, and this card from Sideshow in 2011 is one of my favorites. This made me want to set up a little diorama in my apartment with snow and troopers. Although in my diorama Bossk would be knocking them down — in a very festive way.
Darth Elvis holiday card

Way to go, Darth Elvis! Darth Elvis and the Imperials sent a card this year that wishes me a Merry Sithmas. I particularly love the “GraceStar.”

Rancho Obi-Wan's 2012 holiday card by Philip Harrison

Steve Sansweet and I go way back — fortunately for me! His card from Rancho Obi-Wan in 2012, with art by Philip Harrison, is one of my favorites. Knowing Steve as I do I would not be surprised if some sort of aerial netting were in place to surprise Santa, in addition to the bright and cheery sign.

A very awesome holiday season from Bantha Tracks, and the very best wishes for the New Year!


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