Bantha Tracks Art Galaxy, April 2013

Bantha Tracks, the newsletter that has been “By the Fans; For the Fans” since it was reintroduced almost eleven years ago in 2002, receives contributions of Star Wars art from fans of all ages. We wanted to share submissions here as well as in Star Wars Insider magazine, where Bantha Tracks is a regular feature.

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To submit your art, photographs, and Star Wars fan stories to Bantha Tracks, follow the submission guidelines below.

Bri Young, age 10, from Ohio wrote, “I have always been a fan of Star Wars. After seeing Ahsoka’s destiny, I wanted to draw her from the beginning.”

“I am a really big fan of Yoda and Star Wars and I have always wanted to be featured in Bantha Tracks,” writes Conor Doyle of Ireland. “When there was a small snow shower I gathered all the snow I could find to make this.”

Darth Maul, burned in wood by Michael O’Shields.

Tusken Raider and Jedi Master Yoda, done in colored pencils by Scott Jones of Michigan.

Clone Commando Gregor by Conor Doyle.

Robbie Dymott, a primary school teacher in the United Kingdom, created this haunting pencil portrait of Princess Leia.

“Being a huge science fiction and Star Wars fan, it was not difficult to find inspiration and subject matter from such a plethora of worlds, stories, and characters!” says Dymott. “I try to use minimalist detail and strong contrasts to really capture the essence of a personality.”

“My daughter Katie, who has been drawing Star Wars characters since she was three years old, is a huge fan of many of the strong female characters in the series and loves drawing them every chance she gets,” writes Katie’s admittedly proud dad, Mark Abdelnour of Ontario, Canada.

“What makes her truly amazing is her ability to draw these pieces without having to look at a book, magazine, web page, or show,” continues Abdelnour. “Everything she draws is done with pencils, crayons, and markers. She does not use a computer for any touch-ups, colors, etc.”

Wonderful work, Katie! We hope to see more of your work submitted to Bantha Tracks.

That same request goes to all the talented artists in this online edition of Bantha Tracks Art Galaxy, as well as those of you who so far have just been thinking about sending in your art. Get out there and create! And then follow the Bantha Tracks submission guidelines below.

Bantha Tracks Submission Guidelines: Any original art, envelope art, comics, illustrations, news, stories, meeting information, or any materials voluntarily submitted become the property of Bantha Tracks. No compensation will be given for voluntary submissions, and there is no guarantee of publication. Submissions to Bantha Tracks will not be returned. Each submission must include the creator’s name, age, contact information, date the work was created, and a statement that the work is original, and created by the person submitting it. Send electronic files to, or send your snail mail to Bantha Tracks, c/o Mary Franklin, P.O. Box 29901, San Francisco, CA 94129.

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