Are You Smarter Than a Wookieepedian?

Test your Star Wars knowledge at Celebration Anaheim!

Every day at Wikia, I get to work with some of the most passionate superfans on the planet, from every fandom you can possibly imagine. One of the great joys in my job is being able to work with Star Wars fans on Wookieepedia and the dozens of other Star Wars communities on Wikia, ranging from Star Wars: The Clone Wars, to Star Wars Rebels, to Star Wars: The Old Republic, and more. I’ve been a Star Wars fan since I first saw Star Wars: The Phantom Menace in the fourth grade, so it doesn’t get much better than being able to work with other like-minded enthusiasts.

Some of the most passionate fans I’ve met are on Wookieepedia, the core Star Wars community on Wikia and the unofficial lore keepers of the entire franchise. This year, we’re celebrating Wookieepedia’s 10th anniversary with a host of Star Wars programming, the most recent of which was “Predict the Madness” — a partnership with as part of the “This is Madness” character bracket tournament. It’s all leading to the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens later this year, of course, which is sure to be the biggest Star Wars event in a generation.

But long before we get to The Force Awakens, we’ll be celebrating Wookieepedia’s anniversary at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim. Wookieepedia will have a major presence in Wikia’s fan table area, and attendees will be able to meet and interact with some of Wookieepedia’s most passionate superfans.

Three of those superfans will be on the Fan Stage as Wikia hosts Qwizards Live, a special Star Wars Celebration edition of our popular online trivia show. These three long-time Wookieepedians — Cavalier One, Jorrel Fraajic, and JSarek — will put their extensive Star Wars knowledge to the test as they answer trivia questions from all across the franchise. These “Masters of Star Wars Knowledge,” as we like to call them, will compete to become the ultimate trivia champion and the competition will be fierce. Collectively, this trio has made over 76,500 edits on Wookieepedia and have been a major driving force in Wookieepedia’s decade worth of success and popularity.

Joining them will be none other than Leland Chee, a member of the Lucasfilm Story Group and the Keeper of the Holocron himself. Will these three fan lore keepers be able to best the lore master himself? Some serious bragging rights are on the table with this competition!

But that’s not all. Fifty audience members will play along to test their saga knowledge against our expert superfans. In the end, one lucky audience winner will get the opportunity to compete on stage and go head-to-head with the Wookieepedia winner for a chance to be crowned the ultimate Star Wars trivia master.

Think you have what it takes? Head over to “Wikia Qwizards: Star Wars Celebration Edition,” playing out live at the Fan Stage 303ABCD (Anaheim Convention Center) on Saturday, April 18, at 3:00 p.m. And don’t forget to stop by the Wikia fan table area, so you can meet all of the Wookieepedians who will be in attendance and wish them a happy 10th anniversary!

Brandon Rhea spends his days as senior community manager at Wikia, the Social Universe for Fans, by Fans. As a lifelong Star Wars superfan himself, he is a contributor on Wookieepedia, the founder of Star Wars Fanpedia, and the owner of

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