5 Blue Milk Recipes to Make Any Day Star Wars Day

Enjoy the galaxy's most famous beverage in fun new ways.

I was always envious of Aunt Beru’s kitchen. The Lars’ earth-sheltered home was functional, but it was the sleek kitchen that was a wonder to behold. White shelving, filled to the brim with numerous accessories — a fun insight into life on a space farm.

It was here that we first experienced blue milk. Ah, the ease of having bantha milk available whenever you want it. Since we don’t have the convenience of a high-tech kitchen (or banthas) we have to create our own version of blue milk at home.

1. Classic blue milk! Nothing beats this Star Wars staple. You can find the recipe below!

2. When the twin suns rise, start your day with a Blue Milk Smoothie. Blend some frozen bananas, blue milk, and honey, and you’ve got a great health conscious pick-me-up to get you going.

3. On the ice planet Hoth, things can get downright chilly. To create some warmth, add blue milk to a cup of strong coffee and top it off with a little bit of milk foam to create your very own Blue Milk Latte. Warm and satisfying, serve it with a tauntaun cookie to stay warm.

4. For a new and tasty refreshment, combine black tea with blue milk and add a scoop of cooked tapioca pearls. The boba add a sweet, almost snack-like component to your afternoon tea. This Boba Blue Milk Tea is chewy, but not in a Wookiee kind of way!

5. There’s no species in this galaxy that can resist a good old fashioned ice cream milk shake. Part drink, part dessert, they are thick and creamy and provide instant happiness. Blend up vanilla ice cream, blue milk, and a dash of vanilla to create the ultimate ice cream fountain treat.

Use blue milk to make your own creations on May the 4th. Happy Star Wars Day!

Blue Milk

1-1/2 cups whole milk
1 tablespoon sugar
½ teaspoon vanilla
blue food gel dye

Stir together the milk, sugar, and vanilla.

When the sugar is dissolved, stir in a drop of blue food gel dye until combined.

Keep in the refrigerator until ready to drink.

La Leche Azul de Star Wars.

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