10 Highlights from Star Wars Insider Special Edition 2017

Hear from John Boyega, look back at classic Star Wars video games, and more!

Star Wars Insider Special Edition 2017, featuring more than enough revealing interviews and in-depth articles to fill a space cruiser, is almost here. Check out 10 highlights below!


1. An interview with one of the newest Star Wars stars, the charismatic John Boyega. Learn about his love of Star Wars, how he landed the role of Finn and what it was like shooting the movie with J.J. Abrams.

2. Learn about the early years of Star Wars continuity, back when the universe consisted of only five planets, before it exploded into the epic saga we know and love today.

3. Tricia Barr gets into the head of Anakin Skywalker and explores his somewhat rocky “Hero’s Journey.” Explore Jungian doubles, shadows and masks in this gripping analysis.

4. Star Wars Insider sits down with a number of Hasbro veterans for a look back on 15 years worth of toy making: the greatest hits, occasional misses and rare oddities.


5. Three decades of Star Wars video games: from arcade to PC and console, Star Wars Insiderlooks at the best algorithmic moments in Star Wars history.

6. Adventures in Wild Space: the new collection of children’s books by Cavan Scott and Tom Huddleston comes to the U.S. The authors talk about their exciting series.

7. Learn how Anakin Skywalker’s Padawan, Ahsoka Tano, has grown as voice actress Ashley Eckstein recounts her experiences from working on both Rebels and The Clone Wars.

8. Interview with actress Tiya Sircar, voice actress for Sabine Wren. Find out how Sircar found herself entering new worlds of animation, science fiction and Star Wars.


9. A portrait of the life and work of Stuart Freeborn, the makeup master behind the iconic Star Wars characters Yoda and Chewbacca.

10. Star Wars veteran Lawrence Kasdan and co-writer of The Force Awakens talks about returning to the Star Wars universe and how they balanced the traditional with the contemporary in Episode VII.


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Jonathan Wilkins is the editor of Star Wars Insider. Follow him on Twitter @jdog_wilkins and follow Star Wars Insider @SW_Insider.