Messe Essen, Here We Come


When this blog is posted, I’ll (hopefully) be almost ready to head back to the States after a little R&R (riding and refocusing) in Namibia.

I’ll be thinking of Germany on the airplane back to San Francisco – Essen, Germany, and Celebration Europe, to be specific.

First things on the list for our Lucasfilm and Reed teams in October:

  • Finalize ticket sales, hotel registrations, and post on
  • Talk guests and guest announcements.
  • Look over the first round of fan programming ideas, fan table applications, and other fan-produced events. There is so much fan interest for Celebration Europe from all over the continent and beyond. My counterparts and I are eager to dig into it and see what we can include.
  • Finalize the sign-up process for the masquerade.
  • Think about what cool, really big things we can share at the show.
  • Plan to have FUN!

That’s just the very start, of course — just scratching the Celebration Europe surface. There’s a lot more to come in the next few months.