Make These Clone Trooper Desserts!

Nothing tastes better than clone trooper helmet… if you know how to make it with the right ingredients! Dot shows off how she made these yummy clone trooper candy pops and cupcakes on!

These Clone Trooper Candy Pops are made using Rolo candies and marshmallow fondant!

Dot says about her Clone Trooper Cupcakes:

For The Clone Wars birthday party, we came up with the idea for upside down clone trooper helmet cupcakes. These cupcakes were the hit of the party with the five-year-old boy set!

They are not only impressive looking, they are also tasty. The marshmallow fondant on the outside actually tastes like marshmallows, not not regular, mediocre tasting fondant.

These cupcakes could easily also be adapted to be stormtroopers rather than clone troopers, if your Star Wars fan is more old school. Simple change the pattern on the cupcake!

May the dessert be with you!