Geek Girl Diva

If there's one thing I try to be, it's authentic and honest. Sometimes that gets me in trouble, but it's sort of a commitment I have, so there ya go ;) I blog, I tweet, I fangirl, and I passionately love a number of things. Fell in love with Star Wars in 1977 and still going strong. I'm currently writing for: The Nerd Approved Network, Entertainment Weekly's EW Community, HitFix, Blastr, and my own blog Geek Girl Diva. I'm also part of the Force Cult Star Wars podcast. We swear. We go on tangents. I fangirl. It's fun.

  • First Star Wars Memory
    Seeing the Star Wars line outside the Avco Cinema in 1977.
  • Favorite Film
    A New Hope
  • Favorite Character
    Hera Syndulla
  • Favorite Scene
    Han shooting first (only) in the original Star Wars
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