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  • rancho-obi-wan

    Rancho Obi-Wan: From Dream to Reality (with Some Help from the IRS)

    What a difference a year makes! It was just last November that we finally finished building my dream — or, at least, the foundation of it. After 18 months of planning and lots of hard work from countless contractors, friends who volunteered a bazillion hours of their time, and lots of patience and luck, we incorporated Rancho Obi-Wan Inc. as a California nonprofit public benefit corporation. And then we had a Grand Reopening party for 180 people including 30 volunteers.

  • sw-gap

    The Inspiration Behind Gap Kids’ New Star Wars Clothes

    Star Wars-inspired clothing has been around since the original film made its debut in 1977, but Gap Kids’ new line stands apart as original and unique. Created by Junk Food Clothing, the retro-cool collection includes hoodies, fleece pants, socks, watches, and more, with designs celebrating the entire six-film saga.


    Star Wars: Galactic Files – Bringing the Trading Back to Trading Cards, Part 1

    Concept and Tradability Sketch cards, Autographs, Relic Cards, and Parallels are all very fun, collectible and exciting, but what about the base cards? You know, the cards that comprise the vast majority of any given series? They are the meat of the pack in all card products. They are the cards that occupy most of the time, energy, and creativity that it takes to build these products. In the past, base cards were nearly always enough. Unfortunately though, modern competition has diminished their greatness and their novelty. Cable TV, DVD, Blu-ray, downloads, and the mighty Internet have challenged trading cards […]

  • louvre_poster_lg

    A Vintage Toy Story in Paris

    I didn’t visit Paris to watch the conclusion of the Tour de France and I wasn’t planning to spot Quasimodo at the Notre Dame either. This time I had an appointment with history: an appointment with Star Wars toys. As president of TeeKay-421, the Belgian Star Wars Fanclub, I received an invitation from a respected Belgian newspaper to visit the exposition called “Les Jouets Star Wars” (“The Star Wars Toys”) at the Les Arts Décoratifs museum. I went by Thalys from Brussels to Paris, armed with the latest Dark Horse comics and The Essential Reader’s Companion.

  • Luke-Skywalker-opening-spread

    Writing Perils or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Action Figure Book

    When last you left this little corner of the net, I’d been relating how I had gotten the much-delayed go-ahead to start writing Star Wars: The Ultimate Action Figure Collection last Dec. 9—yet the deadline for the first third of the book was 10 days later. On top of that, I had been informed that the book had to be written in hidden data fields that, unbeknownst to me and many others, are part of every jpeg photo file.

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    Geek Chic Star Wars Fashion from Black Milk

    Star Wars has officially met high-fashion. Black Milk unveiled its new line of Star Wars-based clothes and swimwear today, which takes the characters and imagery of Star Wars and repurposes them in fresh, creative ways. Watch the trailer below to get a look at the designs, including an Artoo-Detoo one-piece bathing suit and Han and Chewie leggings.

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