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  • Luke’s Death Blow

    What I’d like to write about I can’t. Two of the more interesting projects I’m working on still haven’t been announced. One should be announced in May; the other…who knows, but later than May. Stay tuned… What I can say is that our video/doc crew is starting work on a sizzle piece for Jeffrey Brown’s heart-warming and funny Vader’s Little Princess; the Prequel Trilogy Storyboard book is nearly done — and set for a May release — and looks great; the next book in the Star Wars Art series is approaching final stage and I’ll show the designed pages to […]

  • The Jedi Path Goes Digital, Becomes More Powerful Than You Can Possibly Imagine

    Now that the e-book edition of The Jedi Path: A Manual for Students of the Force is launching on January 15, it seems that we’ve finally caught up to Republic-era technology. You see, when we started working on The Jedi Path in 2010, we wanted to create an in-universe artifact that felt as if it had fallen through a wormhole to our world directly from the galaxy far, far away. Between the covers of this volume, readers could explore the collected wisdom of the Jedi Order from Force powers to lightsaber combat, and the pages carried the handwritten annotations of […]

  • The Star Wars I Know

    When I was approached for this job, I took a couple of minutes to think about what Star Wars meant to me, in order to determine if I had anything to bring to the table. I saw Star Wars in the theater; an odd decision for my mother, who tended to err on the side of caution when exposing her five-year-old to the mass media. I, of course, got a bunch of Star Wars toys, collected full sets of playing cards, and reenacted Hoth battle scenes in the snowy woods of Vermont. I was hooked, like everyone was. I realized that […]

  • Creating a Puzzle with Scoundrels

    I’ve never been very good at jigsaw puzzles. It’s a skill I’ve just been unable to master. I can’t see where a given piece fits into the picture on the box; sky and cloud pieces completely baffle me; and the red blob that has to be on the piece I’m looking for (because it extends from the red blob on this piece) is always smaller and more inconspicuous than I expect it to be. Generally, once any pieces with words had been connected (I’m pretty good with the word pieces), my job at family jigsaw parties was cheerleading for the […]

  • Star Wars and History

    Back in 2007, George Lucas sent me a copy via his assistant of Star Wars and Philosophy. He then called and said he wanted to do something in that vein — starting with Star Wars and History. This month, five years later, that book was published by Wiley. We even have an essay written by the editor of that book, Kevin S. Decker.

  • What’s Inside Star Wars Insider #138

    This issue was remarkable, because as it was coming together, the news about the Disney acquisition and the new Star Wars trilogy was just about to break. I wouldn’t call myself an editor of the magazine – I just advise when and where I can – but this time, I got to channel the ink-fingered editors of yore and put a call out to HOLD THAT FRONT COVER!

  • Essential Atlas Extra: The History of XIM and the Tion Cluster

    The tales of Xim the Despot reach back so far in galactic memory that the lines between ancient chronicles and long-held myths have become too blurred to ever redraw. And as he has receded in history, Xim has come to mean quite different things to different species. To much of galactic society he is a savage figure but also a mythic one, the impact of his atrocities dulled by the passage of eons. To the Tionese, he is a melancholy symbol of vanished might and betrayal. To the Hutts, he is an example of humans’ brutish power and Hutt vengeance. […]

  • Essential Atlas Extra: The Knight Errant Gazetter

    This exclusive article serves as a companion to the Star Wars: Knight Errant comic series, now available from Dark Horse Comics. It serves to introduce the setting and history for comics readers and readers of the forthcoming novel, due out in January from Del Rey Books. See more supplements to Star Wars: The Essential Atlas.

  • Star Wars: The Essential Atlas — Mapping a Living Book

    In August 2009, a book I had dreamed of became a reality. The book was Star Wars: The Essential Atlas, which I’d worked on over a couple of years with my friend and co-writer Dan Wallace. But the dream was much older than that — in fact, it dated back to the early 1980s, when I was a Star Wars-obsessed tween.

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